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Transportation Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a credentialed and contracted provider in Access2Care’s Network?

Visit www.RideToCare.com and click on the Transportation Providers tab to access our online application. Simply complete the electronic form and you will be contacted by a network specialist to complete the process.

What documentation and credentialing does Access2Care require?

Licensure, proof of insurance, vehicle information, and driver’s DMV information, etc. Please keep in mind that we have certain credentialing and oversight obligations to the government regulated health plans we serve.

How will I receive requests for service?

After completing our contracting and credentialing process and becoming a member of our network, you will receive access to our secure Provider Portal. Here your designated staff will be able to view your new and available trips, clear completed trips, and view pending payments. Full trip information is available on the Provider Portal so you will have an electronic record of each transport. For any urgent, short-notice trips, you will be contacted via phone by Ride To Care.

What do I do if a facility calls me directly to schedule transportation?

If a facility contacts you directly, refer the facility to Ride To Care’s Customer Contact Center toll-free number, which is 855-321-4899.

Can I schedule a transport for a patient?

No, see above.

What do I do if I arrive and the patient requires a higher Level of Service (LOS) than was ordered?

You would notify us at 855-321-4899 before transporting. Please let us know why you believe an upgrade or downgrade in the LOS is appropriate. We must be informed before a transport has begun if a LOS change is appropriate.

How will my claim be paid?

As a contracted provider you can submit claims electronically via the Provider Portal, which ensures prompt payment. Approximately 95% of claims are auto adjudicated and 99% of auto adjudicated claims are paid in under 21 days. We comply with all state prompt payment regulations.

Ride To Care is Powered by Access2Care

Access2Care, a national transportation management company, is the partner for FamilyCare and Health Share of Oregon to administer their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) program in the Tri-County area. The NEMT program is branded as “Ride To Care”. FamilyCare and Health Share members are eligible for transportation to and from their Oregon Health Plan (OHP) covered health care appointments when there is no other means of transportation available to them.

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