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Health Care Facilites

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the critical role the Health Care provider community plays in improving wellness for members and we consider you our partner in helping to deliver the best transportation services possible. Our staff is ready to work with you to facilitate transportation.

What is Ride To Care’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Program?

Ride To Care’s program entails managing the NEMT benefit through a consolidated contact center. We review the member’s eligibility, make level of service (LOS) determinations (mileage reimbursement, bus, taxi, sedan, wheelchair van, etc.), and deliver the most appropriate and cost effective transportation via a credentialed provider.

What do I do if I need to escalate an issue, change the pick-up time, or make a change to the Level of Service (LOS) prior to the transportation provider arriving for the transport?

If there is an urgent issue, please call our Contact Center directly at 855-321-4899, we will coordinate changes and manage any issues. For non-urgent inquiries, please contact us.

How can I schedule transportation for a Member?

To schedule a ride, please call our Contact Center at 855-321-4899 or visit our website, www.RideToCare.com to use our online trip scheduling option.

Will I receive an authorization number at the end of the call?

We can provide you with a trip number once the member’s transportation has been authorized. You can reference this trip number if you need to call back to confirm the name of the transportation provider or to make changes to your transportation request.

How is level of service (LOS) determined?

Ride To Care’s goal is to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective level of service for each transport. We maintain open lines of communication with health care providers, community service agencies, and case management professionals to obtain relevant information that might change level of service determinations. While we use pre-programmed business rules functionality to determine the authorized level of service consistently, the needs of a member is individually assessed for appropriateness.

How is a transportation provider assigned?

Our scheduling system uses pre-defined criteria to determine the most appropriate transportation provider to meet the timeliness and physical and cognitive needs of the member. Once determined, the system automatically refers the member’s trip to that provider for rapid communication. Our system automatically geocodes pick-up locations, destination addresses and public transportation routes using a nationally accepted mapping software and our detailed database of provider capabilities and availability to best determine the most appropriate LOS and transport provider. Services may be provided via public transportation, when appropriate.

How are transportation pick up times determined?

We do not set a specific pick up time, but rather establish a pick up window. The transport provider has one hour prior to the member’s appointment to pick them up at their home. Conversely, they have one hour from the time the member calls for their return ride, to pick them up from their appointment.

Introduction to Access2Care

Partnership with FamilyCare and Health Share of Oregon

Access2Care, a national transportation management company, is the partner for FamilyCare and Health Share of Oregon to administer their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) program in the tri-county area. The NEMT program is branded as “Ride To Care”. FamilyCare and Health Share members are eligible for transportation to and from their Oregon Health Plan (OHP) covered health care appointments when there is no other means of transportation available them. As their NEMT partner, Access2Care will arrange the mode of transportation that is most appropriate for the member at the time of their transport.

Record of Performance

Access2Care’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) management experience began in 1998, with a national program for Kaiser Permanente. Currently we provide NEMT services to Medicaid and Medicare members through over 45 government and managed care organization (MCO) contracts, with customized programs for each client’s unique service area and diverse population. We manage large, complex NEMT programs while also creating ongoing improvements in transportation management. We initiated many of what are now industry best practices as a result of creating solutions for our clients’ challenges.

Dedication to Quality

We aggressively monitor quality throughout our internal processes and transportation network to ensure members and your organization always receive the highest quality of service. Over time, we have implemented a variety of programs and measures designed to continuously maintain and improve the quality of services we deliver to our clients.

Member & Client Focused

Exceptional customer service is a top priority for Access2Care. Our proven methods for effectively managing high-volume call centers and medical transportation services result in high satisfaction and low complaint rates.
Access2Care serves over 8.5 million members and delivers over 5.5 million trips each year. We are committed to understanding the populations we serve and to effectively communicating with them through awareness of their cultures and environments. We train our entire customer service and operations staff in this approach resulting in a team that is expert at providing NEMT management services for vulnerable populations.

Network Performance through Collaboration

Our success in the recruitment, management, and retention of networks lies in our approach. Through collaboration and partnership with our providers we deliver the best results for all stakeholders. We also have a history of working successfully with both the medical and transportation provider communities. Access2Care has strong relationships with over 850 providers across the United States, managing over 4,000 vehicles.

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