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Dialysis Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Ride To Care understands the critical role the Health Care provider community plays in improving wellness for our members. We consider you our partner in helping to deliver the best transportation services possible. Our Care Management Team focuses on the highest acuity patients, and our staff is ready to work with you to facilitate transportation.

Who is eligible for transportation?

To qualify for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), members must be currently eligible for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and enrolled in FamilyCare or Health Share of Oregon health plans.  NEMT services are intended to help the member when they have no other transportation options available.  The member is expected to use other resources before requesting transportation services.

How is a transportation provider assigned?

It is our desire to facilitate continuity of care, whenever possible, by keeping the member with a consistent transport provider. We partner with the region’s dialysis centers to help determine the most appropriate transport provider for each member needing these services. We have the ability to assign preferred providers when needed.

How does Access2Care schedule transportation to and from dialysis appointments?

Access2Care schedules dialysis transportation on a standing order basis.  After the member schedules their first dialysis trips, the Care Management team identifies the recurring appointments and extends the member’s transportation in 90 day increments.  We look to our dialysis center partners to advise us of changes to members’ appointments.

How are transportation pick up times determined?

If you know when your appointment will end, you can schedule a time to be picked up. If you do set up a pick up time, remember to give yourself a few extra minutes in case your appointment takes longer than you thought it would. The driver will arrive as close to the set pick-up time as possible. They should arrive no more than 30 minutes later than the scheduled pick-up time.

If you are unsure how long your medical appointment will take, we will schedule the return trip as a “will-call”. If your trip is a “will-call,” you will call the driver when you are done and they will arrive within an hour.

Partnership with FamilyCare and Health Share of Oregon

Access2Care, a national transportation management company, is the partner for FamilyCare and Health Share of Oregon’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) program. FamilyCare and Health Share’s transportation program is branded in the tri-county area as “Ride To Care”. FamilyCare and Health Share members are eligible for transportation to and from their Oregon Health Plan (OHP) covered health care appointments when there is no other means of transportation available them. Access2Care will arrange the mode of transportation that is most appropriate for the member at the time of their transport. 

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