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Care Coordination Program: Facility Support

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ride To Care’s “Care Coordination” Program?

The Coordinated Care program consists of specially trained local personnel dedicated to the at-risk population of the FamilyCare and Health Share member groups: Dialysis, Mental Health, and Children in Foster Care.

Who can use Care Coordination?

We are exclusively available to our health care partners. In order to keep our Care Coordinators available to you as much as possible, Care Coordinators do not schedule rides requested by members.

How do I schedule transportation?

Rides can be scheduled using phone, secure fax, or secure email, depending on your preference.

Can I call the Care Coordinators to make changes or cancellations?

Yes, our Care Coordinators can help in variety of ways:
  • New member eligibility verification
  • Recurring and future trip management
  • Evaluate and assign “Preferred Provider” transport companies
  • Cancellations
  • Rescheduling rides
  • Real-time problem solving and resolution
  • Special needs management tailored to your patient’s individual requirements
  • Personalized service with familiar and highly focused personnel
  • Personal visits to your facility for patient and/or staff outreach

Who will be answering my call?

All calls come into Ride To Care’s Coordinated Care call intake center which is staffed with specially trained personnel who focus on the special needs of the at-risk membership.

When are the Care Coordinators available?

Our Coordinators are available Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After 6:00 PM please call Ride To Care’s main number (855.321.4899 or 503.416.3955) for immediate assistance.

How can we contact the Care Coordination team?

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